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Green Dog Pet Urine Eliminator - 8oz

Green Dog Pet Urine Eliminator - 8oz

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Green Dog’s Pet Urine Eliminator is designed specifically for cat urine, however can handle all household pet urine issues. Also, this product is great for use in commercial clinic setting such as a veterinary clinic or animal shelter.

PLEASE NOTE: Shipping cost on this product may double if outside temperatures are below 30 degrees, as this product will no longer be effective and will need to be shipped overnighted. Green Dog will notify you if needed. Otherwise, standard shipping will apply to order.

Directions For Use - For best results follow these directions as listed below:

Do no use any disinfectant product before the Pet Urine Eliminator as you will kill the enzymes within our formula and have unsatisfactory results.

  1. Spray medium to heavy coverage over urine spot. Lay a moist towel on top of area to keep moist up to 24 – 48 hours.
  2. Utilizing a dry towel, wipe up left over solution.
  3. For final step, use Green Dog All Surface Pet Cleaner or Pet Area Deodorizer and as per directions of use.

 IMPORTANT: When using this product, for best results maintain moisture from 24 - 48 hours to allow the bacteria in the product to grow the enzymes, which will eliminate the pet urine. (Cat urine when dried becomes crystallized and is harder to break-down).

This product is safe on all washable surfaces, biodegradable and Non-Toxic. Do not allow this product to freeze and keep in a cool, dry area for storage.

 Ingredients: Micro-Organisms, Organic Acids and water. No fragrance added.