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Green Dog's Pet Urine Eliminator

I have used Green Dog's Pet Urine Eliminator product several times now and am completely satisfied that it will do exactly what it says. I used it on an area of carpeting that our cat had been using instead of his litter box. He was quite ill at the time and didn't always use the box.

I sprayed  the Pet Urine Eliminator liberally on the entire area and covered it with a damp towel, as instructed. I then let it sit for the full 48 hours. In order to make certain that the towel stayed damp for the entire period, I filled a spray bottle with water and sprayed the towel twice during this 48 hour period. I knew right away that the Pet Urine Eliminator had done its job when I picked up the towel. Most of the odor had transferred to the towel, which we were then able to wash for the next application.

I applied the Pet Urine Eliminator again and repeated the process on the same spot. This was necessary since the carpeting has considerable texturing and the spray needed to penetrate more deeply into the carpet. At the end of the second application, the odor was gone.

I have since applied it to other areas of cat urine with the same results (one was a large couch pillow, and another was a smaller area of carpeting). These areas were not as seriously damaged as the first one. But the odors are gone.

I intend to use Pet Urine Eliminator every time we have a cat urine problem. I would caution everyone to follow the instructions on the label to make certain that you get the same results that I did.

Curt Hoxsey
Owner, Little Farm Kennels Grooming & Boarding
Allendale, MI


 Green Dog's All Surface Pet Cleaner 

I wanted to thank you for making such as wonderful product!  I have used so many pet cleaners over the last 10 years and none of the products have been able to thoroughly (or safely!) clean they way Green Dog All Surface can. 
It easily removed a pet stain which has been in our living room for about a month and also cleaned up an ice tea spill nicely. Interesting enough, I can tell that it cleaned the pet stain completely because the dogs no longer go back to that spot.  
I'm happy that I now have a cleaner for all of my household spills and messes!
~Melissa Rau from PA

A Great Cleaning Product!


Jennifer B

Green Dog All Surface Pet Cleaner

When I recently picked up our dog from a day at doggy day care I forgot to bring along our dog blanket to cover the back seat of our car. That trip home left our seats covered with dog hair, mud and drool! I originally intended to use this cleaner on our leather seats to clean up the mess. Not only did it clean up the mess from our dog, but it also removed gum that has been stuck to the seats for a while. This product is gentle enough to use on the interior of a car, without any odor, or residue. I highly recommend this product!


Works Great!

Green Dog All Surface Pet Cleaner

By Susan on July 2, 2013

I have two dogs and this product worked great on not only eliminating odor, but cleaning up muddy paw prints on a light colored rug!!! I appreciate that it's natural and not harmful to my pets or my belongings.

Great Product

Green Dog All Surface Pet Cleaner

By Kimberly Ashley on June 20, 2013

I tried this product because a friend of mine suggested it. I searched on Amazon and found that they sold and read the comments and decided to try it. I have 2 new dogs in our house and have had a few issues...just like others I’m sure have had when they get new dogs in a house. One problem I was having was my female had a lil habit of "marking" where my younger male had an accident. I thought I had cleaned the area well enough but I guess not because she did her thing. After using the product I no longer had any further issues. It also works well to remove stains and other odors. Im very thankful for my friend referring me to this product. I will continue to use it around the house.


Green Dog All Surface Pet Cleaner Review - March 31, 2014

MONDAY, MARCH 31, 2014

Green Dog All Surface Pet Cleaner Review

If you are like me, your dog will make mistakes from time to time, they are just like kids in that respect, so you will need something to help clean up and not leave a stain or smell behind. I like this product because it works and it's good for the environment. It's an All Surface Pet Cleaner from Green Dog and once you use it, you will agree that it's the way to go!


Green Dog All Surface Pet Cleaner is environmentally friendly. It cleans and disinfects along with killing odor on contact. I used a slightly damp clean cloth and sprayed the carpet where I needed to clean some of Charlie's paw prints from when it rained one day and Mike had taken him on a walk and they came back and you know how dogs smell when they are wet, well, I can't stand that scent so I got right to work on the area's that he either walked or sat before I could towel dry him. This worked really quick and left no odor behind.


It can be used on all surfaces such as; carpet, upholstery, hard surface found in homes, automobiles, boats and kennels. Easy to use directions listed on product label.  We use it mostly in the area where we have a rubber mat down and then some pee pee pads on top of that for those times when either Charlie can't make it outside or we are asleep in the middle of the night and instead of waking us up, Charlie will head to the mat. It took us some time to train him to do that, but it sure was worth it. No more waking up in the middle of the night.


Although, sometimes I will hear his little pitter patter when he goes thru the kitchen on his way to the rubber mat, but I am able to fall back asleep pretty quick. As soon as he is done, he comes right back to bed and the clean up can wait til the next day because he hits the pads perfectly every single time! But, I still spray and wipe around the area, just for cleanliness and to kill any germs that might have escaped.


I do love that this product has no scent, so it's easy on Charlie's nose and mine. Unfortunately, we both suffer from allergies and I have noticed he really has trouble with certain scents so I now get everything I can in unscented or at least one that is so light you can barely smell it.


NOTE: This cleaner may not work on areas where other cleaning solutions have already been administrated.

It will clean these types of stains: grease, lipstick, pet stains, oils, coffee, tea, cola, blood, shoe polish, crayons, food stains, some inks and probably a few more that weren't listed. As always, keep out of the reach of children and pets. I would also test a part of your carpet just to be on the safe side. It didn't mess mine up but I don't know what kind you have, I only know it worked on my carpet.


You can get a variety of other pet products on Green Dog that are organic and made right here in the U.S.  They have products such as Doggie Dinners, Organic Treats, Toys, Leashes and even a bed and tshirts for us to wear!

Mary Bearden