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About Us

Happy animals. A better environment. What more could you ask for!

I've always had a huge place in my heart for animals, especially dogs. My best bud "Bodie" and his expansive collection of canine accoutrement will more than confirm my dedication (obsession) to making his life comfy and more than just a wee-bit spoiled. Equally important to me is my belief in doing everything I can to protect the planet. And it was from this passion for the environment and my love of furry friends that Green Dog Pet Accessories was founded in 2009.

Green Dog Pet Accessories started designing and constructing pet products out of 100% natural and recycled materials. In 2013, I introduced a natural pet cleaning solution to our product line, with an addition of more complimentary solutions introduced in 2015. 

Green Dog cleaning and grooming solutions have been used and proven in the service industry since 1988 through Odor Blok. The folks at Odor Blok approached Green Dog to rebrand and sell their Eco-friendly cleaning solutions exclusively to the pet industry.

I found that making and testing Green Dog products myself was the number one way to guarantee that each product is the very best for your pet and the safest for our environment. Even the packaging I use is recycled. 

In an effort to give back to the animals that bring us so much happiness, a portion of our proceeds from Green Dog sales goes directly to support West Michigan's local animal shelters, animal advocate groups and environmental groups.

For more information about Green Dog Accessories, or to share your story you can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest @gogreendoggo. We would love to hear from you. Tell us about your pet and how our products work for you.

Peace, Love and Wags

Kelly & Bodie-dog

Update to "About Us"...Sadly, on April 15, 2017 our beloved Bodie-dog went to heaven. He was 9.5 years old. Bodie lived an exceptional life, was loved greatly and will be deeply missed. Green Dog Pet Accessories continues to move forward in his spirit.

Photo by: Ashley Avila Photography 2009