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What's For Dinner - Cooking for your dog

Posted by Kelly Jansens on

What’s For Dinner – Cooking for your dog

I enjoy cooking Bodie’s meals. What? No, I am not crazy that I like to cook for my dog, nor do I have a lot of time on my hands. J So, what’s for dinner? Bodie is having a mixture of chicken, sweet potatoes, organic oatmeal and a cup of green beans with a touch of turmeric. 

I have been home cooking Bodies’ food now for almost two years. Why the switch? I wanted to feed him the healthiest diet that I could and was discouraged over the pet food recalls and the lack of honest food labeling. I did check with our local Vet before I made the switch and made it a gradual change, so that it would not upset his stomach. He also receives two natural pet tabs at mealtime to ensure he receives all the nutrients that he needs in his diet (

 Do you know the evolution of why dog food was produced? Check out this interesting article:

Also, I found an article on-line about cooking for your pet and if you go to our FB page at gogreendoggo: under NOTES - Home Made Dog Food - Cooks in a crock-pot, You will find one of the recipes that I have used. To change things up I have used chicken, beef liver and turkey in place of ground beef. I also add a tablespoon of turmeric that helps with inflammation.

When I make a batch of food for Bodie it usually lasts about four days and stays fresh in a sealed bowl in the refrigerator. Also, I like to have back up in the freezer for those days that he is running low on his food. I take 2 cups and put the food into Baggies and label them. Bodie is 83 lb. dog, so I give him 2 cups a day. He also receives a one, two or three… 100% all natural treats through out the day. Some of Bodies’ favorites are for purchase on our website.

I usually cook Bodies’ meal the same time I make our families’ meal. It doesn’t take a lot of time and he loves the food! I have also found that his food is not only healthier, but also usually less expensive per cup verses store bought dog food.

There are many other fresh and healthy dog food options on the market that you can purchase at your local pet food store, kept in a refrigerator. There are also other pet meal services, in which the food is prepared and you add in the protein. I found out what works for Bodie and it is not for everyone (dog). Just some "food for thought." 

Bodie is now looking at me wondering if it's dinnertime...almost,'s almost time. Bon appétit!

Love, peace & wags,

~Kelly & Bodie


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