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Taking Fido to the Beach --- In Michigan

Posted by Kelly Jansens on

Bodie-dog loved going to the beach as he was an excellent swimmer. Over the past nine years he surely got his "beach card" stamped a few times. The two West Michigan dog beaches that we went to are:

Muskegon Dog Beach (Kruse Park -3205 W Sherman Blvd.) 

Grand Haven Dog Beach, MI (Kirk Park - 1001 S. Harbor Drive). 

As we would drive to get closer to the Lake shore, he just knew where we were headed. There are several steps down to the dog beach area. He could not go fast enough as he pulled me down the steps to get to the "off-leash" section of the beach. After I would unleash him, he would run full-tilt into the waves! I believe this is how he spends most of his time now in heaven...swimming and swimming some more.

Most of the Pet parents at these beaches were good about having control over their dog, pick-up after their dog and follow the rules. It is important to do so, or it spoils this privilege for the other pet owners. 

The photo below was taken last summer. His "look" as he wanted me to throw his water toy, so he could retrieve it again. He just could not get enough of the water.

Make sure to take advantage of these dog friendly beaches in Michigan this summer. Even if your dog is not a swimmer, you can take a nice walk down the beach and enjoy the beauty of our fresh water lake shores.

Here is a list of some other state park areas that allow dogs in other parts of Michigan...see the following article repost:


By Amber Ainsworth

 Michigan state parks, recreation areas that allow pets on beaches

Pets are welcome at state parks and recreation areas, but are only allowed on certain stretches of shoreline. In all areas, they must be on a 6-foot leash and must be under a handler's immediate control at all times.

People are advised to always clean up after their pets, keep them from interacting with wildlife and keep them from disturbing visitors.

Below is a list of non-designated bathing areas that have pet-friendly shorelines:

Brighton Recreation Area – There is a pet-friendly section of shoreline available on Chilson Pond.

Burt Lake State Park – There is a pet-friendly section of shoreline available on Burt Lake

Grand Mere State Park – The entire length of the Lake Michigan’s one mile shoreline in the park is pet-friendly.

Harrisville State Park – There is pet-friendly section of shoreline at the north end of the camper's beach. The beach is accessible via a foot trail near site 103.

McLain State Park – A section of beach on Lake Superior is pet-friendly.

Mears State Park – The southernmost section of shoreline is pet-friendly.

Otsego Lake State Park – A section of shoreline on Otsego Lake is pet-friendly. It is accessible via a flight of stairs near site 64; high water may limit access.

Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park – The entire park shoreline is pet-friendly.

Port Crescent State Park – A section of shoreline available near the mouth of the Pinnebog River is pet-friendly. It’s accessible via the steel bridge that connects to the hiking trails closest to the campground.

South Higgins Lake State Park – There are two pet-friendly areas of shoreline, including the day-use area and a campers-only area near the west campground.

Tawas Point State Park – A pet-friendly section of shoreline that is enclosed by fences is available on Tawas Bay between the campground and the lighthouse.

Warren Dunes State Park – There’s a 2.5-mile section of pet-friendly shoreline, north of the northernmost swim buoy.

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