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Puppy Dreams - Letting a Sleeping Dog Lie

Posted by Kelly Jansens on

Puppy Dreams is what I call it when Bodie is sleeping soundly and then his body starts to twitch and his paws seem to be making a forward motion, but going no where. I wonder if he is dreaming about running through a field or swimming. As the movements get a little more rapid and then I hear little whimpering sounds. I have petted him gently and said his name. He wakes up and seems to go back to sleep just fine.


As I did some quick research and the general consensus is that it is NOT a good idea to wake them up. Some dogs may be in the middle of a really good dream and as you wake them up, they may bite.

 Dogs dream and sleep much like humans, with similar REM patterns. Although most dogs sleep 14 to 16 hours a day, they still need some of the deep, uninterrupted sleep we do. So, if you have a dog that seems to dream a lot, constantly waking your pup may be unhealthy for him/her.

 So, I will let Bodie have his puppy dreams and “let a sleeping dog lie.”

Sweet dreams fur-friends!

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