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Mirror, Mirror in my Dog Bowl

Posted by Kelly Jansens on

 When was the last time you ate off a dirty dish or drank from a cup that was not washed? What about your dog’s dishes…when is the last time that you washed them? 

Algae and bacteria grow quickly on your dogs bowls, especially if you are feeding your pup wet dog food. If you feed your dog dry dog food, then at least do a warm water rinse every day and clean the bowls with soap and water at least every few days. Most bacteria that collect on pet bowls needs scalding hot water (140° F) to fully remove and kill it, which your dishwasher can sterilize the bowl or put on a pair of rubber gloves and hand wash in as hot as water as you can.

Food mats under your dog’s dishes are important too. They collect the discarded food, slobber and drool. A food matt also prevents your dog from eating directly off of the floor and congesting harsh chemical residue that are in most floor cleaners, unless you are steam cleaning your floors and/or using Green Dog All Surface Pet Cleaner, which is all natural and safe on all washable surfaces. Remember to give the food mat a good hand washing or wipe on a daily basis to avoid bacteria growth.


Dog bowls come in plastic, ceramic and stainless steel versions. I particularly like the stainless steel bowls as they are easy to clean and I don’t need to worry about bowls that end up getting scratches or cracks in them, which bacteria can grow out of.

It really doesn’t take a whole lot of time to make sure your dog has a clean bowl and "pre-wash" as your dog helps you load the dishes in your dishwasher doesn’t count! 

Love, Peace & Wags,

~Kelly & Bodie-dog

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  • So very true. I clean out the bowls and give fresh water every day. They deserve nice clean dishes and fresh water! They get fed on all freshly washed dishes each day too. They live longer and will be here for us to love longer when we do the simple things to keep them healthy. Thanks!

    Karen Beyer-Ettinger on

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