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Keep off the lawn...

Posted by Kelly Jansens on

Keeping our dog off the lawn has been a challenge as my husband just put down some fertilizer this week. I was unsure just how long to keep Maverick off the lawn and quickly Googled it…”for at least a quarter inch of rain or a good watering, then wait at least 24 hours.”

I also noticed at our local park had fertilized. Tiny white pellets was every where and even onto the sidewalk ways. When I got home from the park, I washed our Maverick's paws off as chemicals can be absorbed through the paw pads and this is not good. Some yards and parks warn others that chemicals have been placed on the grounds by a ground marker, but most do not. Keep a look out for this, especially in the springtime and again in the fall.

I am not a fan of chemicals and sometimes it is hard to get away from. There are always organic alternatives, but again not everyone adheres to this approach.

Here is a link from the National Poison Center for further reading on this subject, plus more.

Pets and kids should stay off the lawn after a chemical fertilizer has been applied until it's been exposed to at least a quarter inch of rain or a good watering. Then, wait at least 24 hours before you allow pets and kids to play on the lawn. ~Dr. Lewis First

Happy Spring! Keep pets and kids safe.

Love, Peace & Wags,
~Kelly & Maverick 










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