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In Tribute to Bodie --- Our Forever Green Dog!

Posted by Kelly Jansens on

B  O  D  I  E 
Adoption Date: March 6, 2008
Heaven Date: April 15, 2017

I found him on the site 9.5 years ago. I just knew when I saw his photo that he was the dog for me. As he had been at animal control for five days and he would be euthanized soon as they did not have room for him. I told the lady on the phone…”don’t do anything to that dog. I will be there tomorrow to get him.” When I went to see him, he was so thin, his coat a mess and his little paw pads were worn down. Looked like he had been on the run for a while. He was about five months old. I can’t imagine that someone would let his or her cute puppy go and not bother to look for him, however I know that this cute puppy, Bodie was waiting for me.

As the years went on, Bodie was with me during my “single” years after a divorce. He was with me through a very dark period in my life and then Bodie and I became part of another family, as I remarried. My husband, Mark has a Son named, Cooper. Cooper and Bodie were the same age when we all first met. The last 4.5 years as part of this family was and is the best part of our life. Cooper referred to Bodie as his “brother.” As a family we had certain traditions that we do and Bodie was a big part of these traditions. We had many walks, rides up North to go on Popies’ boat, which Bodie loved to do! He was also an excellent swimmer. We would take him to the Muskegon dog beach a few times during the summer. Bodie also went camping with us and pretty much anywhere a dog was welcomed in public. He was loved by many and never had a mean bone in his body. His eyes were so soulful and he was a really good listener, as I would talk to him daily.

As a puppy he never chewed or destroyed anything. He was smart, beautiful and had a sweet personality. In my option, Bodie was and will forever be my perfect dog that I have ever had. Bodie was my third rescue dog. Although I loved my other dogs, there was definitely something very special about him.

These past few days after letting him go, has been very difficult. I find myself crying a lot and thinking about how my daily schedule has changed without him in it. I am also so grateful to God for this amazing gift that he gave me. There is no replacement for Bodie, nor do I plan to get another dog, so please never say to me…”when are you getting another dog?” “Ohh, you will get another dog”…No, then you must not know me. Everyone process’ things differently in their life. He was just not only a pet to me, but an angel, a friend and family member. I will continue to run Green Dog in Bodie’s spirit and help out animal related causes as I have over the past several years.

Bodie will forever be in my heart and thank, God for awesome memories to cherish.

When A Pet Dies
That special warm place in our hearts suddenly becomes empty…It will take time to get over our loss, but we realize as time passes that animals have a way of teaching us about loving, about loyalty, joy and friendship…And whatever we’ve shared in their presence can never really be lost. – Author unknown

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  • Amen….in my opinion he who has not felt the love and companionship of a beloved pet has truly not lived. They privilege us with something no one or no thing could ever be compared to. Like you, I have loved all my fur friends dearly, but I believe God gives us that “extra special” one when we need it the most. Bodie was that sweet gift to you. Oh, if only more people’s hearts were like theirs…..what a grand world it would be. Rest In Peace dear, sweet Bodie. ❤️❤️❤️?

    Karen BEyer-Ettinger on

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