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Healing Powers of Turmeric for YOU & YOUR Dog!

Posted by Kelly Jansens on

I was introduced to tumeric as an inflammation reducer a year ago. I signed up for a class at our local YMCA to kick-up my workouts and lose some winter pounds. Prior to this class that I took, I suffered with a swollen ankle for over a year. I figured, well this is just old age and I just needed to tough it out. When my instructor at the Y. told me to take a lap around the track, I told him that I could not because I had a bum ankle. He asked if I had ever taken turmeric for inflammation? Nope, I had not, but after that day I found some turmeric pills and took them for two weeks and "whaa-la” the swelling and pain was gone in my ankle. I couldn’t believe it! This stuff really works and even better, it’s ALL NATURAL.

Turmeric may be a spice in your cupboard that you use in cooking certain dishes. I had no idea of its awesome healing power.

You can purchase turmeric in pill form, powder form or as a root vegetable. I usually purchase organic powder turmeric through and put a little over a tablespoon in my green shake in the morning, which I share a quarter of my shake with Bodie-dog. I have been also read that black pepper and coconut oil will break down turmeric and help the absorption process better in your system too.

So, how does this apply to your dog? Well, it can be incorporated into your dog’s diet too. Please do your own research and consult with your veterinarian first. Bodie gets his daily turmeric in the green shakes our family makes each morning (reference past Green Dog blog on Healthy Shakes for YOU & YOUR dog).

*Word of caution: turmeric is a “warming” spice so if your dog is always hot and seeking out cool floors to lie on; turmeric may not be for him.

Turmeric can also interact with some medications, including anti-inflammatory and diabetes drugs, and it may interfere with some chemotherapy treatments … so if your dog’s on any medications, check with your holistic vet before adding turmeric to his diet. Chances are, it will only help but it’s always best to check. Turmeric is also contraindicated for patients with bile tract obstruction or gallstones.

Inflammation is the key driver of most disease in the body … and turmeric is one of the best natural anti-inflammatory either nature or medicine has to offer.

Turmeric has been noted to be used as; Anti-inflammatory, treat and prevent cancer, treat and relive arthritis pain, treat gastro disorders and can replace steroids.

AS ALWAYS CONSULT with your doctor or your dog’s veterinarian if you are thinking about implementing turmeric into your diet or your dogs along with the amounts that should be taken respectively.

I am writing this blog to tell you the great benefits that turmeric has had in my health as well as Bodie’s. Bodie seems to move around with out much trouble at the age of 9.5 years. I can now run the track at the Y. with no problem!

I have inserted a brief video by Dr. Karen Becker in this blog that I follow and thought it broke down the benefits of taking Turmeric well. 


In good health!

Love, Peace & Wags,

~Kelly and Bodie



*Credits: Dog’s Naturally On-line and Dr. Karen Becker




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