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Happy Earth Day 2018

Posted by Kelly Jansens on

Happy Earth Day 2018

Here at Green Dog, we are all about sustainability by making products that are safe for your pet and the environment. How are you celebrating Earth Day 2018?  


Here is a simple list of ways to celebrate and participate in Earth Day:

You can also visit a museum or park that is having an Earth Day celebration. Pick up trash along your street or local park, turn off electrical devices and get outdoors.

As a pet owner and animal lover, you can do something good for Mother Earth and your animals, too. What do I mean by that? The next time you want to buy a little present for your fur-friend, you can choose something green.

You probably already know that green, earth-friendly and eco-conscious products are popular among humans. The same is true with humans that own pets.

Have a great day!

Peace, Love & Wags,

~Kelly & Maverick

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