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Green Dog "Live" FB Sale - Trivia

Posted by Kelly Jansens on

Green Dog Pet Accessories will be going "live" with our first ever FaceBook Sale. We have a lot of great products for the dog lover or fur-friend in your life.

Along with product sales we will be giving away some items via trivia questions, so you have the advantage if you are reading this blog right now. 

"Let's go".....Some of the trivia that will be asked (in no particular order). 

1) Q: When did Green Dog Open up shop? A: 2009

2) Q: What was the name of Green Dog's "Dog" that inspired the creation of Green Dog? A: You know this one if you have been following us.

3) Q: What is the name of Green Dog's newest family member pup? A: You know this one too, if you are a GD fan :) 

4) PRIZE: List the State you are from. Furthest away from Michigan...WINS. When asked, you must respond with your State name in the comment line. *There will be a cut-off time, so we can move on to the next sales item or trivia.

5) Q: How long have our cleaning and grooming solutions been out on the market under Odor Blok? A: Over 25 years

6) Q: Why did we create Green Dog Pet Accessories? A: Because we wanted a natural pet product solution and one that was not harmful to your pet and the environment.

7) Q: Do our cleaning/grooming solutions contain any chemicals, dyes or fragrances? A: NO!

8) Q: Where is Green Dog's product manufactured? A: U.S.A

9) Q: How did Kelly from Green Dog Meet Mark (Odor Blok)? A: Kelly's Dog Bodie got sprayed by a skunk and Odor Blok solution came to the rescue. 

10) Q: Be the first person on-line to write which product you like and why...Top three replies will receive a FREE gift.

***Give-a-ways*** will be awarded on a first correct comment on our FB live sale, while supplies last and during the live sale. 

PLEASE do us a favor and send an email to with your full name and mailing address to claim your prize and it will be mailed out on Monday, November 27, 2017.

Green Dog "live" sale will commence at 7 pm (ET) on November 24, 2017



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