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Doggie Maintenance – Staying on top of dog hair

Posted by Kelly Jansens on

Do you regularly brush your dog’s coat? It’s a good idea to stay on top of it the best you can. If you are able to brush their coat out every day, great or at least three times a week, will considerably keep the extra dog hair down in your home.

I had a couple different brush type tools that I would use on Bodie’s coat. He seemed to really enjoy this part of his doggie maintenance regiment. I would say, it’s “brushing” time and head out doors to the grass area. He would lay there and seemed to enjoy it, like getting a massage.

The two brush tools that I used were:

  • Kong Zoom Brush. Soft rubbery fingers on the back of the tool for a nice massage, yet did the job pulling up hair. Easy to use.

  • Pet Mitt. I used this to when Bodie was shedding heavily. Easy to use and to clean.

The tool that you prefer to use depends on the type of coat your dog has. Bodie’s fur was shorter and not so thick.

I never had to take Bodie to a groomer. I called him a “wash-n-wear” dog. If he went swimming in a mud hole, I could easily towel him off until I could get him back home and a proper bath.

I started Bodie as a puppy getting him use to baths. In the beginning he would jump into my tub, when I said, “bath.” I had installed a shower sprayer attachment to wash all the soap off properly. As he got bigger, he would simply walk in to my stand up shower and wait for his bath. I had a sprayer attachment in the stand-up shower as well. I tried to dry him the best I could with towels after his bath.

At any rate, he was a very easy dog to maintenance. Sure, I had hair balls floating around my house, no matter how many times a week I would vacuum and brush out his coat. It would have probably been more dog hair floating around in my home, if I didn’t take that five minutes a day to brush him out.

I also know that there are not so “wash-n-wear” dog coats that require regular grooming appointments. Brushing in between grooming appointments still helps reduce the dog hair.

See, dog hair never really bothered me. Now, that Bodie is no longer on this earth, vacuuming is not as much work, in fact I rarely see any dog hair any longer. I miss seeing his dog hair in the house, because I know in each passing day that it is a reminder that he is truly not here. It is a hard thing to get use to.

The other day, I pulled out a folder for my work and was excited to see a tiny Bodie hair attached to it. Weird to some people and disgusting to others, I know. Well, I don’t care. It just means that Bodie existed, he was loved and all the dog hair that I use to vacuum up on a daily basis was worth all the love and loyalty I received.

Okay, so I am rambling now. Back to my two go-to dog hair removers. Both of these products worked great for me, which are listed above. Check with your local pet shop or groomer on what they recommend for that in-between brushing and keeping on top of your pet’s coat maintenance.

Using slip covers on your furniture, wiping your dog’s feet each time they come in the house from being outside helps with keeping on top of dog hair along with whatever they drag in on their paws.

Green Dog currently has “Pet Perfume,” which I used on Bodie in-between baths. As a Labrador he seemed to get what I called “stinky” collar. I developed a natural solution that when massaged into the pet’s coat, takes away the bad oils and replaces them with essential lavender oils. Lavender has a calming affect on both pets and people, so there is a bonus to this product. I recommend this product on dog’s that have a short to long coat as it works on the oils left in the hair. I also used this product on Bodie's Dog bed. It is safe on washable surfaces and refreshes the area. If you are reading this blog and would like to try a sample of our pet perfume, I would be happy to send you out a sample bottle to try. Send me an email with your request at


Thank you for reading.

Peace, Love & Wags,


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