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CLIENT TESTIMONY>>>Tackle your toughest stains with Green Dog's All Surface Pet Cleaner.

Posted by Kelly Jansens on

We have a client that spent some time cleaning on a Saturday morning and tackled all of her toughest stains, which most of them were from people accidents. 

This is what she had to say...

Ice-Tea Stain>>>Two weeks old on white Berber carpeting. It came out instantly!

Coffee Stains>>> in the hallway must have been there at least one month old...worked like a charm.

Hot Wings Stain>>>Ok this stain was cleaned by multiple other cleaners including natures miracle. It's about 7 years old. This is what GD did to it within minutes and only 1 application!

Pet Stains>>>These are about 2 years old? Cleaned with vinegar and stains didn't come out. Cleaned with GD-1 application!

Green Dog All Surface Pet Cleaner, cleans and deodorizes. No harmful chemicals, dyes or fragrances are added to this solution. ASPC is a proven solution in the service industry for over 25 years, which cleaned and deodorized cars, apartments, homes, commercial properties and RVs.


***If you have used other cleaners on a spot prior to using our cleaner, it may not respond as well. Always test a small area before proceeding.


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