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#8 is Great

Posted by Kelly Jansens on

By: Bodie-dog

Hi Green Dog Fans, Bodie-dog here. I just turned eight years old this month and thought I would take a little bit of your time to reflect on my last eight years on the planet.

 Well, I was a “shelter dog” as humans put it. I was on the run, my pads on my paws were worn down and my belly was always hungry. I ended up in a place where other lost animals go, but I was not in a shelter, I was picked up by animal control.

My Mama said she found me on that big box that she calls a computer. There is a place for lost animals called She said I was the cutest puppy ever, even though in my mug shot, there was a big contraption around my neck. I must have been a fast runner in the day, for them to catch me like this. I was five to six months old, at least that is what they told my Mama. I will never forget that day when my Mama came to meet me. She seemed like a nice person and had food on her. She asked me if I wanted to come home with her, I wagged my tail to say, “yes.”

The years have now gone by. I am not a skinny little puppy and have had many great adventures. I am now a Senor Dog. Mama and I have had many great times together, along with some tough times. We have always stuck together through it all. She talks to me a lot. I wish I could talk back, but I am a good listener.

Just last March, I got really sick. Everyone was real worried about me. My Mama cried a lot and just held me. The doctor put me on some pills that made me drink water like there was no tomorrow. I almost felt like the old days, during puppy potty training. Me and Mama did not get much sleep, however I am well now. I get homemade food, no kibbles and my Mama said “no more shots” for me. I guess the shots made me sick. I never liked going to the doctors anyways. The smells at the Vegetarian’s office made me think about my days on the run. Ohh, by the way, people food is WAY better than kibbles. I tell all my friends.

I also gained a Papa and little brother in the last three years. Me and Mama moved to a new house and I like being a part of a family. We even have a P-A-R-K across from our house and I go there everyday to run and play. My yard has a fence around it and I spend some time each day making sure the squirrels stay out of my yard.

I am not sure if my life can get any better than this. My Mama tells me how good of a boy I am and that I am her “Joy.” I am not sure who Joy is, but I sure think being #8 is GREAT.

Thanks for the listen and for your support of Green Dog.

Peace, Love & Wags




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