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Customer Testimonial>>>Green Dog Pet Urine Eliminator

Posted by Kelly Jansens on

Green Dog saved my Studio!!

 I am a quilt artist and a cat lover.

 My quilting studio is in the basement of my house – cement floors covered in sticky backed tile.

My cats spend a lot of time with me in my studio – which can sound like a good thing, except they also consider this room their own.

I have a had 3 older cats that insisted on using the corners of the room as their own personal litter boxL.

 For years I have been cleaning up after them with every known product on the market, but the urine smell always came back.  Walking into my house on a humid day was like walking into a cat kennel – not the welcome I want for my friends and clients.

When Kelly and Mark from Green Dog came to Notions to show us their new, all natural, cleaning product, I was skeptical at best.  I asked lots of questions and they felt very confident they could save my studio – and they did!!!!!!!

 I followed the instructions and after 48 hours the smell was GONE.  It is now a few days later and still – no awful cat urine smell – it’s AMAZING!!

 Thank you Green Dog – you made my studio a place I can stay in for hours again.

Nancy R.
Notions Marketing Corporation

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