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Got Skunked?!?

Posted by Kelly Jansens on

Does anyone remember the skunk cartoon character,"Pepe Le Pew"? I watched this cartoon in the 70's as a kid. He was so cute, cleaver and STINKY. Yes, that's right folks, Skunks have a powerful spray that warns your dog to back off. 


We have our own story about Pepe Le Pew…Bodie got skunked when we went to visit my friend, Mark. This was not my first dog that got skunked before. I tried tomato juice and then ran to the store to get the latest de-skunk shampoo...nothing worked! It seemed like weeks went by and the smell still lingered as well as in the dog's fur. As Bodie came into Mark's house with his head down and the terrible skunk odor was there, It was no mistake that he had been skunked. Mark ran to the garage and came back with a bottle of solution. He then said, "hey, let me spray this on your dog," I said, "ummmm, I am not sure if we should use this on Bodie?" He assured me that it was safe. He had developed this solution for his deodorizing business, called Odor Blok. We went ahead an applied it to Bodie, and the skunk smell went away instantly!


As things worked out a couple years later, I married Mark. He is now Bodie's Papa and part of our little family. Life is good! 

So, our skunk incident with Bodie not only turned into a marriage, but development of five natural cleaning and grooming products, which were added to Green Dog Pet Accessories’ product offerings.


SKUNK 911 Shampoo works and it is safe for your pet and the environment. ALWAYS follow the product directions when using.

You may purchase this product now through September 5, 2015 (on sale) for just $10.00, plus shipping and handling. Make sure you are prepared for when Pepe visits your dog.


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