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Why I started to make my own dog food…

Posted by Kelly Jansens on

Why I started to make my own dog food…


I started making my own dog food in March of 2015 after my beloved fur-friend, Bodie got really sick. I have a hunch that he got sick after his annual shots. He went down-hill really fast. He was not eating, very lethargic and lost seven pounds in five days. Our Vet at the time told us that it “couldn’t possibly be the shots that were given to him” and that he contracted some sort of immune virus. The poor dog was so sick that he couldn’t even walk. My husband had to carry him in to the Vets office and placed him on the exam table. Frustrated by the lack of care that I received and no answers other than leaving with steroid prescription, I decided that was the last time that my dog would go to that Vet, let alone have shots again. I am not stating that shots are a bad thing, especially when you have a young dog or puppy. Bodie is now seven years of age. I thought I was doing the right thing by updating his shots each year. I went back to my previous Vet’s office and she told me that not all dogs react well to shots and at his age, he really did not need these shots, other than Rabies shot…maybe it was the shots that made Bodie sick or a combination of over all health?! I then learned about Titer Testing. Check this out, it may save your Dog’s life.


I contacted a holistic doctor, which came to our house. She asked what I was feeding him and I told her the “best kibble” that I could find on the market. She told me to stop feeding kibble and start making my dog his food. I started off with cooked beef liver, sweet potatoes, green beans and organic oats. Bodie loved it! Bodie was finally weaned off the steroids and I decided to never go back to kibble again. I also found a crock-pot version (listed below). It always made me nervous with the continuous recalls on pet food and now I know exactly what he is eating. I combine his homemade food with a natural pet vitamin, just insure he is getting all of his vitamins needed.


So, this post is two-fold. Perhaps, this may help you or prompt you to do your own research. Again, I am not a Doctor, but with the research and coaching that I have recently received for my Dog on shots and nutrition, I have seen a 180 degree change in him. He was a bit overweight prior to the shots and is now at a healthy weight. Bodie is like a puppy again. Lots of energy and tail-wagging HAPPY. Always consult your Vet and make your own decisions on the care for you Dog.


Here is a great link if you want to try making your own dog food:


Also, check out this great book called: Natural Health for Dogs & Cats by Dr. PitCarin.



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