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Customer Testimonial>>>Green Dog's Pet Urine Eliminator

Posted by Kelly Jansens on

I have used Green Dog's Pet Urine Eliminator product several times now and am completely satisfied that it will do exactly what it says. I used it on an area of carpeting that our cat had been using instead of his litter box. He was quite ill at the time and didn't always use the box.

I sprayed  the Pet Urine Eliminator liberally on the entire area and covered it with a damp towel, as instructed. I then let it sit for the full 48 hours. In order to make certain that the towel stayed damp for the entire period, I filled a spray bottle with water and sprayed the towel twice during this 48 hour period. I knew right away that the Pet Urine Eliminator had done its job when I picked up the towel. Most of the odor had transferred to the towel, which we were then able to wash for the next application.

I applied the Pet Urine Eliminator again and repeated the process on the same spot. This was necessary since the carpeting has considerable texturing and the spray needed to penetrate more deeply into the carpet. At the end of the second application, the odor was gone.

I have since applied it to other areas of cat urine with the same results (one was a large couch pillow, and another was a smaller area of carpeting). These areas were not as seriously damaged as the first one. But the odors are gone.

I intend to use Pet Urine Eliminator every time we have a cat urine problem. I would caution everyone to follow the instructions on the label to make certain that you get the same results that I did.

Curt Hoxsey
Owner, Little Farm Kennels Grooming & Boarding
Allendale, MI

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