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Green Dog Cleaning Solutions – Proven Results!

Posted by Kelly Jansens on

Green Dog Pet Accessories, LLC is proud to provide eco-friendly pet mess cleaning solutions with proven results. How is it that our products have proven results? Our products have were developed and used in the service industry since 1988, by Odor Blok. For many years now, these products have been used to clean and deodorize the toughest smells, messes and stains. Over hundreds of real-life stories can be told on the effectiveness of this cleaning technology.

As a dog owner myself, I have tried everything on the market to only find the smell or stain reappears a few hours later. After meeting the folks from Odor Blok and trying their products, I was a believer. These products really work!

Green Dog is pleased to have been selected as Odor Blok’s exclusive product channel and the only channel for the pet market.

Our products clean and deodorize on any washable surface. There are no dyes or fragrances built into our cleaning products that sometimes mask the soiled area. And Green Dog’s solutions are free of harmful chemicals.

We have a product that will fit your every cleaning problem. From cleaning to deodorizing and eliminating the toughest odors…Our Skunk 911 Shampoo is our newest product that will eliminate Skunk odor with Odor Blok’s special technology.

Odor Blok stands behind these solutions and their customer service number can be found on our contact page of our website if the user should have any questions.

We look forward in hearing about how our products work for you. Our products may be found at:

Green Dog Pet Accessories is an Eco-friendly company that provides products that are safe for your pet and the environment.

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